A soundtrack for the many lives of Mary Sue Poots, 0-8-4, Skye.

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{disc 1: the rebel}

i. we are not good people | bloc party, ii. rebel girl | bikini kill, iii. problem | natalia kills, iv. the phoenix | fall out boy, v. miss nothing | the pretty reckless, vi. black sheep | metric, vii. rebellion (lies) arcade fire, viii. the rising tide | the killers

{disc 2: the daughter}

i. the weight of living part i | bastille, ii. timber/counting stars | sam tsui, iii. hermit the frog | marina and the diamonds, iv. i’m not your hero | tegan and sara, v. disparate youth | santigold, vi. when i was younger | liz lawrence, vii. daddy’s girl | natalia kills, viii. breezeblocks | alt-j ∆

{disc 3: the alien}

i. dark doo wop | ms mr, ii. little house | the fray, iii. if i had a heart | fever ray, iv. numb | marina and the diamonds, v. bad intentions | digital daggers, vi. starlight | muse, vii. eyes on fire | blue foundation, viii. aliens exist | blink-182

I like to think about the first law of thermodynamics, that no energy in the universe is created… none is destroyed. That means that every bit of energy inside us, every particle will go on to be a part of something else, maybe live as a dragonfish, a microbe, maybe burn in a supernova 10 billion years from now. And every part of us now was once a part of some other thing… a moon, a storm cloud, a mammoth. A monkey. Thousands and thousands of other beautiful things that were just as terrified to die as we are.

We gave them new life… a good one, I hope.


jemma simmons ± colors


Agents of SHIELD commentary: Co-executive producer/writer Paul Zbyszewski, and actors Elizabeth Henstridge and Iain De Caestecker on “FZZT”. 

returning home to post-drunken party night ridiculousness, coulson and ward have a little chat during clean up.
    ↳ clint told me to get all the eggrolls, and there were a lot of us. so I ordered 25 of every type. apparently that was too many…


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i like following the rules and doing what’s expected of me. it makes me feel nice.
AOS countdown  day 6: one quote
The world is full of evil, lies, pain and death
and you can’t hide from it. You can only face it.
The question is, when you do, how do you respond?
Who do you become?